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Summerly Lights (Sea and Mountains)

Above Crux (In Loving Memory) | Baragazza Church | Baragazza Tower | Church Dark Door | Climbing Down Group | Cloudy Sky | Dawning Sea | Dragonfly 1 | Dragonfly 2 | House From Above | In Between Trees | Incoming Storm | LodiVecchio Church | Mum's Orchids | Parabita Cemetery 1 | Parabita Cemetery 2 | Parabita Down View | Parabita Horizon | Parabita Santa Maria | Parabita Sanctuary | Sand Hill | Sea Module 1 | Sea Module 2 | S.Giacomo Church On Hill | Sounding Trumpet | Stairs To Peace | Structures Of Eternity

These pics were taken during my Summer Holidays in August 2003. Sights of Mountain, Lake, and the clearest of Sea. But also some reflections about Life and Death. That turned out to be sadly so fitting the subsequent month of September, when my beloved Stefania passed suddenly and cruelly away.
But here there were still just joy and sun. So enjoy the pics.

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All pictures in this pages have been taken with Canon IXUS 400. No postwork of any sort.

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